Student Send-off

The Student Send-off is one of the most important events on the chapter's calendar. We host the Student Send-off in mid- to late-June of every year, rain or shine.

The Send-off officially welcomes the newest StFX students and their families to the Xaverian family with delicious food and great company.


The Send-off is a great networking opportunity for new StFX students and their families. You meet other students going to StFX for the first time so you can see some friendly faces on campus. We also bring in a university representative - usually from the Recruitment and Admissions department - to walk you through what you should expect from the university over the course of the summer, and what you may expect from the registration process, both for classes and residence. 

Most importantly, we invite current StFX students to the Send-off. Who better to tell you about the StFX experience than those who are currently living it? At the send-off, we try to match you with current StFX students who are currently enrolled in the same program, so you can get a sense of what it's like. We also host a casual roundtable with the current students for you to ask questions. The most common ones include:
  • How do I get to StFX?
  • What are the "must-bring" items that I should take with me?
  • What is the food like on campus?
  • What is life in general like on campus?
  • What amenities does the town of Antigonish have?
Of course, a smattering of local StFX alumni will also be there.

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