About our chapter

The Calgary chapter is an arm of the StFX Alumni Association. As such, we have two primary functions:
  1. To promote StFX University among prospective students in the Calgary area; and
  2. To provide StFX alumni and students with social events as a means of networking and reconnecting.

Promoting StFX

As alumni, we recognize we have a significant role to play in raising the profile of StFX in our immediate community. To that end, the chapter works closely with StFX Admissions and Recruitment as well as StFX Marketing and Communications to ensure StFX shows up on the radar of prospective students, especially those who exhibit the core Xaverian values of academic excellence and community stewardship.

The Calgary chapter is proud to offer the Leone Campbell Memorial Bursary to a deserving first-year student. In addition, Alberta-based alumni also offer the prestigious Dr. Ed O'Connor Scholarship, which allows Alberta-based students to pursue an undergraduate degree at StFX.

Social events

The chapter has a number of events that happen every year. They include:
  • Mass and Reception on the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier (held on or around December 3).
  • Receptions for visiting StFX officials, most notably the President and StFX Recruiting.
  • Alumni Pub Nights to reconnect and network.
  • Student Send-off (late June) to formally welcome first-year students and their families to the StFX community in Calgary, and to network with both alumni and current StFX students.

CLICK HERE for details on our next chapter event!

Keep in touch

We are definitely open for ideas and offers for assistance. If you have some spare time or a great idea for an alumni event, contact the chapter (calgarychapter@stfx.ca) with your ideas!